Here you can find an overview of our current publications on the topic of 'AI in nursing'.

Learn more about the possible applications and latest developments of this technology in the healthcare industry and get an insight into our current research results.

Currently under review

Journal of the Association for Information Systems [VHB A]

Nursing Care Analytics: Investigating the Efficacy of Predictive Models in Assessing Patient Fall Risks

Krappen, P., Schulte-Althoff, M., Bießmann, F., Jäger, S., Hauß, A., Gubser, R., Fürstenau, D.


arXiv preprint

This Patient Looks Like That Patient: Prototypical Networks for Interpretable Diagnosis Prediction from Clinical Text

Van Aken, B., Papaioannou, J., Naik, M.G., Eleftheriadis, G., Nejdl, W., Gers, F.G., Löser, A


Study of Health Technology and Informatics

A study that looks back at past events to understand the prediction of fall situations among patients receiving clinical care

Rehfeld, R., Schulte-Althoff, M., Schreiber, F., Fürstenau, D., Näher, F., Hauss, A., Köhler, C., Balzer, F